Professional Organizations for Social Workers

Professional social work organizations connect social workers across the country and world and offer many valuable networking opportunities for students and graduates. Professional organizations or associations can help students find employment, and they provide a way to share ideas. Many professional organizations run job boards, provide student membership discounts, and host events for early-career professionals. Many organizations host training seminars and other events that allow members to network and learn new techniques and skills. These organizations offer a lot of different resources and benefits to members. Joining a professional organization is a great way for social work students to develop professionally.

American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

AAGP is a national association that serves and represents members in geriatric psychiatry. The organization offers networking and collaboration opportunities, access to the members-only website, free educational publications, and discounts on annual meetings.

American Clinical Social Work Association

The ACSWA offer online resources to serve as a place for social work students and professionals to connect with one another, sharing ideas and networking. The site posts trends in the industry and relevant news stories.

Association of Oncology Social Work

Social workers who help cancer patients and their families rely on AOSW for news about the latest research, networking opportunities, and professional development resources.

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

APSAC works to improve society's response to the abuse and neglect of children by promoting approaches to the identification, intervention, treatment, and prevention of child maltreatment. The organization offers networking and education opportunities, access to publications and resources, and discounts on clinics.

Clinical Social Work Association

A professional organization for clinical social workers, CSWA provides professional development resources, a jobs board, and licensing support for members.

International Federation of Social Workers

The IFSW represents more than three million social workers and 120 professional social work associations. The organization contributes to developing a social and just world.

National Association of Black Social Workers

The NABSW represents African-American professionals and students. The organization promotes social justice and human development within the black community.

National Association of Social Workers

The NASW is the largest membership organization of social work professionals in the world, with over 120,000 members. The NASW, founded in 1955, continues to support the professional growth and development of social work students and professionals.

National Rural Social Work Caucus

Specializing in issues affecting rural social workers, the NRSWC hosts an annual conference, provides continuing education resources, and offers access to journals and other research.

School Social Work Association of America

The SSWAA is an organization dedicated to empowering school social workers and promoting their profession in order to improve the emotional, social, and academic growth of students.

Society for Social Work and Research

The Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and broadening research and strengthening the support that is given to social workers.

Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care

Dedicated to social workers in the healthcare field, the SSWLHC provides continuing education resources, networking opportunities, and member discounts.