Resources for Every Social Worker

Whether you are an aspiring social work student or a seasoned social worker already in the field, there are many resources available to support, encourage, and develop your professional knowledge and insight into the social work field. It’s important to stay informed on current trends, topics and research in the social work field even after your social work degree is complete.

Bookmark this page to access some of the must-have resources for every social worker.

National Association of Social Workers

Social work students who join NASW benefit from networking opportunities and multiple scholarship opportunities.

Council on Social Work Education

As the most important accrediting agency in social work, CSWE sets educational standards in the field. It also provides scholarship opportunities to doctoral students.

Association of Social Work Boards

Licensed social workers must pass ASWB exams to earn their state license. This organization also provides resources for students and works with social work regulatory boards.

Journal of Social Work Education

A peer-reviewed journal published by CSWE, this publication covers the doctoral process, distance education offerings, and key coursework in social work programs.

Social Work

Social Work is a journal published by NASW. This publication focuses on both social work practice and research, and NASW members receive free access to this journal.

Social Work Today

A magazine aimed at social workers, this publication covers professional regulations, provides book reviews, and includes a career section in every issue.

The New Social Worker Online

A social work career magazine aimed at social workers, providing practical articles on social work student issues, social work ethics, field placement, practice issues, social work specialities and book reviews.